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LATEST NEWS:  RCA and Young Art 2017

At Collingham we believe that drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and printmaking are skills that are teachable to everyone. We aim not only to obtain excellent results but also to bring out the individual creativity of each student.

"If you wish to get hold of the invisible, you must first penetrate as deeply as possible into the visible".
A quote from a Cabalist used by the painter Max Beckman.

The GCSE Art Department is a flourishing centre for the development of the visual arts and Students are encouraged to experiment and explore, deepening their understanding of and response to the visual world, enabling them to produce work that is both unique, generated from personal experience and technically accomplished.  An exploration of both traditional and contemporary art forms is considered essential in order to provide a holistic framework from which to build upon. Our staff are committed, inspirational, demanding and fun and believe that given appropriate guidance and sufficient individual attention, most students are capable of producing works of a very high calibre. Our students have again, achieved a very high success rate with their GCSE art exams over the last six years, with 100% A*-C grades and 95% A*-B grades. Many pupils continue to pursue their studies by going on to take AS and A Level art within our department.

We also have a high success rate with entries to foundation and degree courses at colleges such as The Slade (UCL), Central St. Martins, Chelsea, Camberwell, Wimbledon, Brighton, City and Guilds and the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford.

We direct research trips to galleries, exhibitions, museums and places of special interest, which are pertinent to each student’s studies.

Currently we follow the Edexcel syllabus for GCSE Art and Design (fine art). Assessment for this two-year qualification is based on two units of practical work, chosen by the student under the tutor’s direction. This includes critical study and research, involving some writing, which links up with and derives from the student’s own work/ideas. The first unit, the larger of the two, makes up 60% of the total mark and the second smaller, externally set exam unit, which culminates with a 10 hour exam, constitutes 40% of the total mark.


This course concludes with the end of year GCSE exhibition and moderation. There is no winter examination in this subject on any board, but retaking students may complete their project work in the autumn term and return for the exam in the summer. The art studio is accessible to students forty hours a week.

Successful completion of a GCSE in art allows students to go on to study A Level Art, which in turn opens doors to a whole range of arts related opportunities within University arts faculties, including degrees in:  Painting,  Sculpture,  Printmaking,  Curating and Museum Education, Graphic Design,  Fashion,  Architecture,  Animation,  Photography,  Film,  Advertising,  Interior design,  3-D Design and Stage Design.


Below are more examples of GCSE students' work:


The 2016 'Art Club' has gained and retained a regular group of enthusiasts, some of whom have returned to art after a gap of some years and are not studying the subject for the purpose of taking an exam but for its own sake.  It is wonderful to attend, encourage and resource the students' interest' and unique skills in interpreting aspects of our visible and conceptual world.  

One of the Art Club members, Diana Calmic (below) working on her piece which took many weeks to complete (a record, timewise, I think) and the final hard-won painting!

Chris Wood (GCSE art tutor)

Diana Calmic working on 'The Ghost In The Machine', Acrylic and Oil on Paper


'The Ghost In The Machine', 2016, (finished painting) Acrylic and Oil on Paper.


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I just wanted to thank you both for your support of our daughter since she joined the College.  She has made tremendous academic progress.

(Collingham parent)

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    09 March 2017