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GCSE English Language

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We currently study the Edexcel IGCSE syllabus which involves two exams, testing a range of reading and writing skills.  We can also offer preparation for the new specification linear English GCSE for latecomers.

The subject

English Language is a core subject, essential for admission to higher education.  However, the study of the subject also helps with all your studies.  It will develop and refine both your reading and writing skills and develop your confidence in speaking and presentation.  You will explore a range of lively topics in discussions, unleash your imagination through creative writing and develop analytical skills in a range of contexts.

The course

English Language has three components, reading, writing and speaking and listening. We study the Edexcel anthology of non-fiction and fiction extracts, including newspaper and magazine articles, leaflets, biography, travel writing, poetry and short stories and fiction extracts. We discuss how writers use language to engage and manipulate their readers, and you will be able to try out some of these techniques for yourself.

We concentrate on writing better essays – a skill that transfers to many other subjects. We also practice writing formal letters, articles, leaflets, and speeches, focusing on presenting a structured and clear point of view.  Speaking involves work in groups, pairs and individual presentations.  In studying the fiction  and poetry extracts we will explore character and literary techniques and use some of these to develop your own descriptive, narrative and imaginative writing.


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Thanks for everything. We are so happy with Collingham. Our son has learned so much this year. We could not be happier with the teaching or the pastoral care.

(Collingham parent)

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