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GCSE Latin

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The Subject

This subject gives the student the opportunity to study the language and literature of ancient Rome, reading the works of authors such as Virgil, Ovid and Horace. They will experience at first hand elements of the culture, language and social and political life of the Roman civilisation which has inspired many later generations. As well as being exciting and inspiring, this course will help they develop analytical skills and intellectual flexibility which will be useful in a wide range of jobs or in further study.

The Course

Students will learn:     

the Latin language, to learn to read Latin texts in their original language;     
Literature set texts, by authors such as Virgil, Ovid, Pliny, Tacitus and Horace;     
how to develop a sensitive and analytical approach to language generally, including an awareness of  the relationship between Latin and the languages of today;     
how to read and appreciate Latin literature in its cultural context and in its original language;      
how to communicate clearly and effectively.

Most candidates do the following (Higher Tier) Papers

Paper 1 (Language 1: 1 hour 15 minutes) This paper consists of a linked set of Latin passages for translation and comprehension.

Paper 2 (Verse literature: 1 hour 15 minutes) Candidates have a choice between two verse texts. This paper consists of two passages of Latin with comprehension, evaluation and translation questions.

Paper 3 (Language 2: 45 minutes) Candidates choose either translation into English or from English into Latin.

Paper 4 (Prose literature: 45 minutes) Candidates have a choice between two prose texts. This paper consists of two passages of Latin with comprehension, background and evaluation questions.


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Thanks for everything. We are so happy with Collingham. Our son has learned so much this year. We could not be happier with the teaching or the pastoral care.

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