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Easter and Christmas Revision

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Collingham was amongst the first colleges in the UK to offer specialist revision courses to prepare students in the run up to their exams. With over 40 years’ experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of how to run revision courses that provide outstanding results. This is clearly borne out in the testimonials listed below.

The courses which run at Easter and Christmas help students in the run-up to the year's summer examinations. These are designed to address students’ needs and concerns, including revision of key subject areas, practice in answering exam-style questions and training in exam technique. Unlike many of our rivals, most courses are taught by our own expert in-house teaching staff. This means that the classes are being taken by someone who teaches the exam material on a daily basis in a tutorial style environment. This forces the students to really focus on the key areas that their examination board prioritise.  This intensive preparation will significantly improve a candidate’s understanding of exactly how to answer their specific subject papers leading to real grade improvement.


Feedback from Easter Revision Courses:

"Our son has enjoyed his weeks of revision at Collingham. He is meant to be doing just politics but has asked me if you were able to give him another week of philosophy with Maya [tutor]?"

"Dear Jerry [Business Studies tutor],

Thank you so much for taking the time with our son.
He found you inspiring and motivating. I hope you can see him again before he takes his exams."

"Our son found the Geography examiner extremely helpful this week. He now feels he wants to do the revision himself which is a good thing."



Feedback from previous Revision Courses

"Dear Dr Powell

Thank you for your assessment of our son. He was most impressed with the school. He especially enjoyed his Business Studies sessions and thought the teacher very inspiring. I do hope he garnered some enthusiasm for studying through your efforts. That was the reason for sending him to you in the first place.

I will have no hesitation recommending your school to whoever is looking for extra tuition.

Kind regards,"


“Dear Dr Powell,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful week our son had at Collingham on the Business Studies revision course with Juliana Storey. He came back so positive every day, which was great to watch, especially as we know he finds the subject difficult. Thank you for the confidence Juliana gave him, for the knowledge she helped him to gain, and also for making the learning fun.

We will have no hesitation in approaching Collingham again at a further date if he needs extra help.  Best wishes,”


“Dear Dr. Powell,

Many thanks for the reports, I am glad our son worked hard.

He seemed to enjoy and get lots from the courses, and came back enthusing about the teachers, so please thank Mr. Hossain and Mr. Percy and Ms. Clay very much for us.

Many thanks. ”


“Dear Sally

Thank you so much for the revision reports. Our son indeed found it very beneficial in attending these classes and it was good to see him continuing with the work at home. I found it helpful having 'booked times' for his chosen subjects and I also felt it helped with his motivation.  

Thank you all for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Kind regards,”  


and from the students:

Talia [Spanish tutor] is a fantastic teacher, thank you very, very much.

Really good – things explained in very good detail – covered both core and additional very quickly but thoroughly.  Enjoyed very much.

The lessons were very clear and I got very points on how to get my best grade.  Thank you!

All excellent tutors, learned a lot.

Very efficient and helpful.

Thanks very much – very informative and helpful.

It is very evident that Mrs Freeman [Economics tutor] knows Economics inside-out.  She is highly intellectual and such a good influence.  What a wonderful teacher!  Thank you so much.

Ann [Economics tutor] is so helpful, I really enjoyed her classes.

The Further Maths course by Andrew [tutor] was really helpful.

Loved the lesson and loved the week

Thanks very much – very efficient teaching.

Was really helpful and I understand a lot more now!

Clear and good essay planning.

Our teacher made a good effort with notes and handouts (really, really good) and was a good mix of ‘banter’ and teaching very good.

Really useful week.   I feel much more confident for my exam.

Really great material given out that will make essay writing easier.  Clear responses to questions, really helpful.


Feedback from our other Easter Revision Courses

"Our daughter really found the courses very useful as she came away from them as well as the Study Skills Course very confident in her ability. This spurred her on.

She had 2 tests in Spanish last week and scored 37/40 in Listening and 28/30 in Reading which was a giant step and great booster, thanks to the Revision course!  She had gotten a D in her last mock exams for Listening and a C in Reading.

The Economics revision course also helped her understanding and has helped in her revision.   Thank you very much for the quality of the teaching and staff.   Kind regards,"

"Thank you so much for these informative reports providing really constructive tips which my son will take on board. He thoroughly enjoyed the revision classes and appreciated the teaching styles of your tutors, the small classes as well as meeting other students. I would certainly recommend your Easter revision programme to other parents. Kind regards,"

Biology: AS
“Really clear and informative teaching that clarified many complicated concepts”
“Excellent tutor”
“Useful to have one-to-one to go over topics I was unsure on”.

Business Studies:  GCSE
“Very good, and as long as you tell your tutor what you need they will get it done well”.

Business Studies:  AS, A2
“Tutor was great at explaining topics”.
“My tutor was really helpful and gave us good handouts”
“Good fun, learnt a lot, covered a lot of the course”.
“Good size small classes, good handouts to take away”.

“Very helpful, learnt many exam techniques that I didn’t know before”.
“Very informative and useful”.

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The positive encouragement given to students is a notable feature, and behaviour is consistently excellent.

 (ISI Report 2015)

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