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Easter and Christmas Revision

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Over 40 years of Easter Excellence

A Level and GCSE Easter Revision Courses at Collingham give students a new confidence in their work for exams.

Intensive tuition in small classes enables individual needs to be met. Groups are either Board-specific, or, where appropriate, are formed according to texts, topics, syllabus.  The courses are planned to give a clear understanding of the essentials of the syllabus and to teach exam techniques, so that students can use their knowledge to best effect.

The tutors are specialists in their fields, and some are examiners for the Boards. From the outset, the tutor assesses the student’s needs to ensure that the course builds on the student’s own term-time studies.  Advice is given about the organisation of notes and a programme of revision for the summer exams.

Easter Revision Courses at Collingham give students that final boost in confidence. They provide the kind of highly effective preparation for exams that can make all the difference to the final results.

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The positive encouragement given to students is a notable feature, and behaviour is consistently excellent.

 (ISI Report 2015)

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